Why does this blog exist?

The simple reason is that I think it is silly to redo work that has been done. I want to give back to the incredible community that I have learned from. I want to have conversations with people to broaden my perspectives. Ultimately, I want to advance the building industry and I think that if we continue to build on the work of each other, we can push the industry forward into a new era of building design and construction.

What kind of posts will I see?

In general, the blog will be mechanically focused, involve harnessing data to improve accuracy and efficiency, and relate to building design. Initially, you will see a lot of Dynamo work, related to workflow improvement and GIFs that will make you smile during the workday. Though posts will likely drift as my interests change or as you ask questions beyond that prompt cool new topics (e.g., hardware, web design, construction, etc.)

Aside from engineering, I also enjoy photography, so you may see a few photos that I take to break up the text.

About Me

My name is Nat MacDonald, I’m a mechanical engineer that lives in/around Boston. I graduated from RPI and since then I’ve been working primarily in HVAC design in a variety of building types, most recently for biotech/pharma manufacturing facilities. I realized that my job could be improved and so for the past few years I have dedicated time to learning and using computational design to develop applications in mechanical engineering.

How you can contribute

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free tweet at me or chat in the comments. I want to hear your perspectives on what I posted (is there a better way to it? Did you see a flaw?) and hear what you want to learn about so I can tailor the postings to make them relevant for everyone.